Our Achievements


  1. Palliative care (PC) training manual for health professionals developed including children palliative care training curriculum.
  2. Palliative Care trainers manual developed.
  3. Palliative Care Training manual for Community Volunteers.
  4. Palliative Care module to be used in the integration of Palliative care into nursing and medical pre curriculum.
  5. Over 1000 Health Professional trained as palliative care providers
  6. 100 Clinicians and nurses, trained as Palliative Care trainers.
  7. 13 people trained as Palliative Care Master Trainers.
  8. Over 2000 Community Home Based care (CHBC) volunteers trained in Palliative Care.
  9. PACAM accredited by Medical and Nurses council to offer Continuing Professional development (CPD) to medical and nursing practioners.
  10. 20 health professionals have post graduate Diploma, 8 have BSc degree and others on the course with Makerere university in Uganda. Palliative care is integrated into Medical and Nursing curriculum.



  1. Palliative included in policies such as HIV/AIDS. HBC, ART
  2. National palliative care guidelines developed
  3. Palliative Care National policy developed.
  4. MoH has a desk officer for palliative care.
  5. 50 Hospital have integrated palliative care.
  6. Over 5000 sensitized in Palliative Care.
  7. Over 5000 people have been sensitised on pc.
  8. 50 hospitals have integrated palliative



  1. Drug task force formed in operational.
  2. Most Opioids are available.
  3. Formal courses on pain management using Opioids established.
  4. The following Morphine is available in most of hospitals