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Our achievements are in the following areas: education, government policy and drug availability.

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Is a national Association, operating in across the three regions of Malawi.. It was set up in September 2005. 

PACAM operates through a board of Directors and secretariat based in Lilongwe Area 14. 


“- A country where all people with life threatening illnesses are free from pain and distress.”


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1. Brief about PACAM

Palliative Care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual. The WHO public health model is part of the public health strategy for developing palliative care in resource limited settings. It highlights four key components which must be addressed:


  • Malawi has a Population of over 13.6 million people.
  • 85% living in rural areas :
  • There is little access to palliative care in rural.
  • HIV prevalence among 15-49 yrs is 10.6%
  • About a million people are living with HIV of which
  • 10% are children.
  • 68 000 HIV deaths occurred in 2010
  • Estimated 25,000 people are living with Cancer.
  • Estimated 9000 cancer deaths per year.


Continue browsing our website to learn more or download a brief write-up (pdf), here.  



  • Individual fee - MWK 1,500

  • Student fee - MWk 750

  • International fee -  USD$ 20
Apply and become a member of the Palliative Care Association of Malawi.  Apply here.



PACAM has a board of directors and a secretariat. The board is headed by the chair while the secretariat is headed by the Executive Director.

PACAM has 11 employees. 9 are based at PACAM secretariat in Area 14 Lilongwe, One is based at Mitundu Rural Hospital in Lilongwe and one based at Mpemba Hospital in Blantyre.


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PACAM is implementing the following projects in different parts of Malawi


Project Name



One of Grant for Palliative Care scale up.

True Colour Trust.

2014 - 2015.

STEP UP project phase 3 for Central and Northern region.

True Colour Trust.

2015 - 2017.

Promoting Community Based Palliative Care for PLHIV at T/A Chitseka (Mitundu hospital) in Lilongwe and T/A Nsomba (Pemba health centre) in Blantyre.

USAID - Counterpart International.

2015 - 2019.

Integration of legal and Human rights in Palliative Care.

Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa.

2014 - 2015.

Scale up of children palliative care to district hospital in central region

Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa

2015 - 2016.

Palliative Care Scale Up for PLHIV.


2015 - 2016.

Contact Person:

Lameck Thambo.

Executive Director.

Phone: 0991587188 /0888868087

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The secretariat is headed by an experienced national coordinator responsible for managing daily implementation of activities:

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The Palliative Care Association of Malawi supports, develop and promote affordable and culturally appropriate palliative care in Malawi.


1. Promoting the availability of palliative care in Malawi for all in need, including those living with HIV/AIDS and / or cancer.

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